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The Sandpiper


Acoustic & Folk Club

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Club Aims

Our aim is provide a friendly environment for those that have a love for acoustic music of all genres, whether that be Traditional Folk, Modern Acoustic Popular music or Blues and indeed any other style of acoustic performance.

The Club is able to provide a PA system and up to 4 microphones and 4 instrument inputs. Please note, Bass guitars will not be allowed to plug into our PA. We will endeavor to supply a Bass Amp providing notice is given before the performance date, otherwise please supply your personal amplification. A Club Host will act as your sound engineer during your performance.

As the Club grows we intend to present to you a range of popular Artists throughout the year as well as provide a platform for aspiring new Artists, and of course the opportunity for you to get up on stage and perform in front of your peers.

Whether you just want to listen and be entertained, or you are a seasoned performer or novice we encourage you to come along and join in with like minded people.

Respect for Performers

We would ask everyone who attends the Club to give respect to those whilst they are performing on stage by not talking during their performance.

As drinks will be available from the downstairs bar we will take short breaks for you to re-charge your glasses. If you do choose to leave the room at any other time, please wait until a song has finished.

At the end of the evening it would be appreciated if you return your drinks glasses back to the bar as you leave the premises.

We thank you for your co-operation on the above.

Singers Nights and Featured Guest Nights 

This is how the club operates on Singers and Featured Guests Nights

Singers Nights: The night will be kicked off and finished by the Resident Band and the remainder of the evening allocated to Singers. The performance time offered to Singers will depend upon the number of Singers attending and their willingness to perform additional songs over and above the usual 2 songs allocation. This will be governed by the number of Singers attending and be at the discretion of the Club Organizers.  The Resident Band will close the night with the Club Anthem and may on occasions perform a closing set, time permitting.

Feature Guest Nights: The Featured Guest will perform a set of around 45 minutes. This may be split between the 1st and 2nd sessions by the interval raffle break or as one continuous slot after the evenings raffle. We will leave that choice up to the featured artist. Singers will be allocated the remainder of the evening. The performance time offered will depend upon the number of singers attending. Resident Band will close the night with the Club Anthem and may on occasions perform a closing set, time permitting.